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 Forum Rules (READ FIRST)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules (READ FIRST)   Tue May 15, 2007 10:01 pm

These Forum Rules are simple to follow, and it's all for having a good, clean, friendly board. So here they are:

The default language is ENGLISH in accordance with Proboards' Terms of Service. Any posts using a language other than English might be deleted without notice. If you think you are unclear about something, please send a private message to the administrators and they'll be glad to help you out. Admins are people whose name are Yellow.

NO Spam/flooding. Use the button as much as possible. If you post what looks obviously like spam, it will be deleted without notice. If it persists, you will be given a warning. Ignore the warning and you may find yourself banned from the forum. Don't worry, no one has been banned from spam.. yet.

NO Deleting/modifying your posts to cause confusion. There will be a time frame of two hours for you to modify or delete your post if you wish to. The function will be disabled after that. PM the admins if you wish to change something necessary and important.

NO Flaming/trolling. Trolls who flame, insult or harrass other members will find that their posts/threads will be deleted immediately. Unlike spam, you'll get banned much quicker if you flame other members. Swearing isn't a good thing either.

Absolutely NO illegal/sensitive material. This means pornographic material or any adult themes, racist, religious, political, sexist or any possibly offensive comments are absolute no-nos. This includes links, images or literature.

NO off-topic posts. Please make an effort to post into fitting boards. Wrongly posted topics will be moved or worse, deleted.

NO advertising for commercial sites, advertising for personal profit (ebay, etc) or material selling.

DO NOT open new topics if there topics that are of the same or similar subject are already in existance. It is your duty as forum member to FIRST LOOK if there's already such a topic and only THEN open another one if such a subject hasn't yet been mentionend. If in doubt, contact the administrator or moderator for help.

AVOID one-word posts such as "Yes, you're right" or "No, I don't think so". This is equivalent to spamming and may be deleted. Reason is so that the page loads faster and to stop the forum from growing too big too fast.

DO report any posts to the administrators or moderators if you find any posts that don't follow the rules. We don't mind getting reports as long as the board stays clean.

DO use your real names in the forum. Fill in your name professionally. If you haven't, account will delete by Admin.

Signatures: Members are allowed to use pictures in their signatures if they conform to board rules and do not exceed 100X500 pixels.

Avatars: Users are allowed to use provided or self-provided pictures for their avatars if conform to board rules and do not exceed 90X90 pixels.
If you need help with usage of the forum, please refer to the Forum FAQs first.
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Forum Rules (READ FIRST)
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